Chapter 17 – “Sometimes when we touch.” Jian Ghomeshi.

Jian Ghomeshi is a Canadian musician, writer, and former CBC radio broadcaster.  Part of the horizon of the arts in Canada for over thirty years.  A celebrated Juno nominee, and a Gemini winner for his radio broadcast “Q – Wtih Jian Ghomeshi.”  Anyone who is anyone sat across from Jian to be interviewed and many, even performed live in his studio.  Jian is embroiled in the biggest sexual assault trail in the history of Canadian broadcasting.  In front of the mic he is kind, charismatic and very charming, behind closed doors he is a man struggling with demons of never belonging, and never being good enough.  A private mans very personal and sexual identity is waved through the media by multiple women who have remained silent for so long.  The real question is twofold , how did so many people know and not act on the insights they had?  How did Canada’s public broadcaster not respond to issues that were brought to them by women who claimed it was “hell” working in the “Q” offices?  


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