Chapter 18 Tina Fontaine Part 1 “Nothing is going my way”.

Tina Michelle Fontaine, was born on the first of January in 1999.

Raised by her great aunt Thelma Favel,  and uncle Joseph Favel for over ten years ……… Tina’s  early life started out tough. She lived on the Sagkeeng First Nation Reserve and later in Powerview-Pine Falls, Man.  Her father, Eugene, when 41 was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was told he would not survive longer than four months. Tina’s great aunt Thelma helped take care of her and her father.  At one point he went on a three day bender in 2011 with his friends Nicholas Abraham and Jonathan Starr. They argued about money and Eugene was beaten many times over several hours. Eugene  was then dragged out to a shed – and in that cold fall night he was left there … tied up and without a shirt on. Her father’s violent death deeply affected Tina. “She was very hurt, very lost.  That’s when she drifted away.” Said her great aunt.


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