Chapter 23 – “It’s All White Now.” The Christine Jack Story


“It’s All White Now”   The Christine Jack Story

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Special mentions:

This most recent summer reading I recommend was: 


Wealthy Dellen Millard “a young Canadian aviation heir charged with three murders–Tim Bosma, ex-girlfriend Laura Babcock, and his own father, Wayne Millard–in what appears to be thrill-seeking serial kills”.

You can buy it HERE or HERE , or wherever you buy books.

I post those on Instagram and Twitter each Wednesday, if you are looking for some Canadian true crime books this summer.

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Sources used in this chapter include:

Trials and Errors: The People vs Brian Gordon Jack

by John D. Montgomery (Author), Hon. Alfred M. Monnin (Introduction)

You can purchase this book HERE 


See for a full list of sources. 

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