Chapter 25 – “The Naked Judge”. The Lori Douglas Story.

Chapter 25

“The Naked Judge”  – The Lori Douglas Story

Like any story, where three people all tell their version – the details don’t always align from each person’s account….  However, there is no doubt that Jack King sent his client Alexander Chapman risque photos of his wife and Queen’s Court Bench Justice Lori Douglas – but how much did she know?  Or, the even bigger question I’m asking … How much do we need to know?  You can be the jury on this chapter …


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This most recent summer reading I recommend was: 

Under the Bridge: The True Story of the Murder of Reena Virk

by Rebecca Godfrey

“Who were the seemingly ordinary teenagers who beat and killed a girl who longed to be their friend? And how could they hide the murder from their parents and teachers and the police for eight days?”

You can buy it HERE and HERE, and you can follow him on twitter HERE.

I post those on Instagram and Twitter each Wednesday, if you are looking for some Canadian true crime books this summer.

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Sources used in this chapter include:





Gabrielle Giroday

Mia Rabson

Kevin Rollason

Melissa Martin

Mary Agnes Weich


CANADIAN LAWYER You can read the full article HERE 

REAL LIFE You can read the full article HERE

See for a full list of sources.

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